…completely rocked my world. This movie is a bromance (that can never be!), a heist film, a surfer-subculture flick, and a buddy cop story all rolled into one, insanely over-the-top Katheryn Bigelow party in my face. I loved every minute of it. I don’t even know how to approach a film like this critically. On one hand, it begs to be mocked and enjoyed, but never thought about. On the other hand, it tells, on some level, a truth about masculinity, freedom, and the human spirit. I’m not even sure I can separate the two, which is the beauty of many of the Katheryn Bigelow films I’ve seen. The dumb, brutish, Hollywood-ness of her films is necessarily linked to their deeper meaning and truths.

Swayze and Keanu are stupid men, seeking only thrills, with no concern for the well-being of friends and loved ones. But they are also images of a very nuanced masculinity, which loves the world and yet cannot conform to its standards. In the end, their boyishness ruins (almost) everything. It’s hard to tell if Bigelow is critiquing or appreciating from a distance. Some of both, I think. Critique with a touch of “but it’s okay, you’re doing your best.” I love her films because they don’t hate men (or women, for that matter). Instead, they try to reconcile with our understanding of gender norms in an empathetic yet Hollywood-ized language. It’s totally great, and completely insidious for those who don’t hold the same values as Bigelow.

Point Break. In the spot-on words of Keanu, it’s pretty great. Definitely.